What If 2019 Marked The End Of Diets?

“Being vibrant, radiant, energetic: this is the new standard of beauty,” confirms Melissa Doft, a plastic surgeon on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. The perfect silhouette has expanded from a size 4 to include a variety of shapes. “Even the notion of ideal proportions, with rules like ‘the waist must be 25 centimeters smaller than the hips,’ are heading towards extinction,” notes a modeling agent. “Likes” on social media reward women of all sizes, along with their conscientious lifestyle choices and thoughtful advice.

Keto and Paleo diets, still very popular in the US, nowadays are focused less on weight loss than on achieving peak energy levels. Instead of calorie-burning boot camps, mind-body practices, at once physically and emotionally gentle, are now in vogue. Beauty has become holistic. Sports therapists now insist on the “recuperation” phase of a workout.

Sleep, relaxation and stretching are as important as carving muscles of steel. Prioritizing one’s health and body for a burn-out-free lifestyle has taken precedence over yo-yo dieting. So instead of battling one’s metabolism with fat-burning exercises, we nurture our immune systems with green juices, probiotics and adaptogenic mushrooms.

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