A Plastic Surgeon Answers All Our Burning Questions

Plastic surgery is obviously a very personal, deliberate journey, one that should be taken with very serious thought and care (as is the case with anything from Botox to lasers to even peels). But if you’re perhaps interested in hearing more, or just want to know what’s popular and trending right now, we chatted with one of the best (and most discreet) in the biz: Dr. Melissa Doft. The board-certified surgeon is also a clinical assistant professor of surgery at Weill Cornell Medical College, and is the owner of Doft Plastic Surgery on the Upper East Side of New York City. Here, she answers every question we had about plastics.

Can you be a feminist and be interested in getting plastic surgery?

I think the best part of plastic surgery is about feeling confident with yourself. And I think the best part about being a feminist is feeling confident about being a woman. So I actually think they parallel each other.

It’s probably a little bit different being a female plastic surgeon then a male plastic surgeon. But the patients who are coming to me are not interested in, “How do I look to a man? Do I look voluptuous? Do I look sexy? Am I going to attract this husband who’s been cheating on me?” Those patients will go to a male surgeon. They’re not coming to me. They want the male opinion, and they want to look beautiful.

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