Cosmetic Surgery and Health Insurance: A Love-Hate Relationship

Cosmetic surgery is definitely not just for the rich and famous anymore. The demand for elective procedures is on the rise as we continue trying to slow the aging process and to improve our physical appearance. Countless reality TV shows enthrall us with impressive before and after surgery reveals, and the media are forever speculating about whether or not so-and-so has “had some work done.”

Despite its ever-increasing popularity, plastic surgery remains a financial luxury for most. Health insurance companies dig in their heels when it comes to covering cosmetic surgery.

Will cosmetic surgery ever be more affordable for the average consumer? Will insurance companies ever lend a hand to make surgical self-improvement more mainstream? Avvo asks plastic surgeons for their professional insights.

Now that cosmetic procedures have become so routine, can they be covered by an average consumer’s health insurance? “Unfortunately not,” says Dr. Melissa Doft, clinical assistant professor of surgery at Weill Cornell Medical College. “Anything cosmetic is not paid for by insurance.”

Originally appeared in article Cosmetic Surgery and Health Insurance: A Love-Hate Relationship at RealSelf