Five Cases of Breast Implants Saving Lives

Melissa Doft M.D.

You have heard of women wanting breast implants to boost self-esteem, restore volume lost during pregnancy, enhance their curves but have you ever heard of breast implants as a safety device? In the case of these five women undergoing a breast augmentation was not only life-changing but life- saving.

Knife versus Implant

A 41 year-old Floridian woman was attacked with a knife by her ex-fiancé’s new girlfriend. Thankfully, she was protected by her new saline breast implants. According to police reports, the victim was stabbed repeatedly on the left side of her chest with a pocketknife. Instead of piercing her lung or heart and potentially killing her, the knife hit her breast implants, causing the implant to rupture but protecting her vital organs.

Unfortunately, this is not the only case of knife versus implant. In 2011, a Russian women was arguing with her husband when he produced a knife and stabbed his wife in the chest. Due to the oversized silicone breast implants that her husband had requested five years prior, the knife was blocked. She later had her implants replaced…and hopefully found a new husband!

Jump on it!

Reported in the papers Down Under, an Australian resident was on a bicycle with a friend when both were attacked by a kangaroo. He knocked them off their bicycles before jumping away. The resident broke three ribs due to the kangaroo. Doctors in Australia believe that the injuries would have been much worse if her breast implants had not cushioned her fall.

Are your Bulletproof?

The breast implants of a Canadian native were put to the test after she said good night to her boyfriend. Eileen Likness had just dropped off her boyfriend on a side street south of Calgary in 2006 when he turned around and shot her twice in the chest. The bullets entered her right chest, brushed across her rib cage and exited her left breast, right through both implants. She later went on to have the implants replaced.

Could Bigger be Better?

The world’s largest breast implants (size 38KKK) saved Brazillian model Sheyla Hershey’s life during a car crash after a Super Bowl Party. 32 year- old Hershey crashed into a tree after celebrating the New York Giant’s win. The air bags of her car failed to deploy on impact but her breast implants stepped in. Unfortunately, she still faced a DUI charge from the police but she did not sustain any significant injuries.

Safety First!

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