Galderma, Mentor Worldwide Collaboration

New York plastic surgeon Melissa A. Doft, M.D., says while she does not know the program’s specifics, Allergan ran a similar special a few years ago, where for each set of implants, patients were given complimentary Botox.

“My patients were always excited to receive the free Botox. It was a little bonus after surgery. Many had never tried it before and always wanted to.  This was a chance for them to try it with no financial risk,” Dr. Doft says.

Loyalty programs make sense in the cosmetic surgery space, according to Dr. Doft, clinical assistant professor of surgery, Weill Cornell Medical College, New York, N.Y.

“In this competitive marketplace and with implant and injectable prices continuing to increase, I think it is always worth looking into these partnerships,” she says. “But would it lead me to change brands? No. My patients are coming to my practice to receive the best medical care that I can offer. If I think that one product is better than another product, I never hesitate to use the best product, even if it is a more expensive product.”