Throughout grade school, I always wanted to be a pediatric surgeon. Now as both a plastic surgeon and a mother, I enjoy incorporating many pediatric patients into my practice. Although pediatric plastic surgery is a small percentage of all plastic surgery procedures performed, for those children it is a very important procedure.

Many children are bullied due to birth defects like large birthmarks, prominent ears, cleft lips and palates, or hemangiomas (strawberry marks). When performing pediatric procedures it is necessary to provide a comfortable setting for the child and their parents. The procedures require precision, ensuring the smallest possible scar, as well as anticipation for how the child’s body will grow and change.

I have many children who come to my office for laceration repairs, rhinoplasties, broken noses, gynecomastia, breast reductions, ear deformities and birth defects. As a mother of two boys, I also enjoy having excited little girls come into my office to have their ears pierced.