So You Want to Get a Labiaplasty — Here’s What You Need to Know

As Dr. Melissa Doft, an NYC-based plastic surgeon, recently put it while visiting the POPSUGAR office, “One of the things about a labiaplasty is that it requires people to present the part of their body that they’re most insecure about to a stranger. There’s a lot of emotion around it.”

If you’re considering getting the procedure yourself, Dr. Doft gave some expert tips about what it entails, how much it hurts, and the really important sh*t like how soon you can have sex post-op.

Let’s get basic. There are two different types of vaginal reconstruction surgeries. You probably know that your labia is made of two lips: the outer one is called the majora, and the inner one is the minora.

First, determine what kind of procedure you want. Sometimes the minora hangs too low or is a little long, and that can be adjusted with surgery. Other times, the majora can be too small, and you can also build that up to be larger so that it covers the minora. Dr. Doft said the most common version she does is reducing the length of the minora.

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