For many patients, face procedures are paramount, intimidating, but provide the greatest reward. When ancient Greeks evaluated beauty, they reduced it to mathematical models, trying to explain it by equations. Aristotle once wrote that “the mathematical sciences particularly exhibit order, symmetry, and limitations, and these are the greatest forms of the beautiful.” The idea of balance holds true today when evaluating patients for a rhinoplasty (nose job) or chin implant. Often the nose is not only oversized, but the chin is also too small. Creating balance will lead to facial harmony and therefore beauty.

In evaluating supermodels, researchers found that we are attracted to their symmetry. Plato spoke about the “golden proportion,” an idyllic balance of factors. From poets to artists, the idea permeates all facets of the ancient Greek culture.

In modern day, a symmetrical face has been scientifically proven to be beautiful. Studies show that humans, regardless of age, respond best to a proportionate face.

In New York City, the goal of many patients is not to look different but to look better. In one of the greatest melting pots of the world, we find ourselves proud of our heritage and love our unique identities. My goal in plastic surgery is to enhance your natural beauty. Through a series of small tweaks like fillers, Botox, and fat grafting to larger operations like a blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery), browlift, otoplasty, necklift or facelift, we will work together to obtain your aesthetic goals.