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Dr. Doft | ELLE December 2020

WHEN LEAH,* a 35-year-old nurse in New York, found her days filled with video chats during the pandemic, she became fixated on the soft swell of fat under her chin. “I’ve had this since I was a teenager, but now I see it all the time,” she says. At her tipping point, she found Melissa Doft, MD, a plastic surgeon in Manhattan who, a few weeks later, made two small needle punctures in the crease under Leah’s chin and removed excess fat with liposuction.

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As a plastic surgeon, my goal is not to change your unique expressions and features, but to refine your facial or body image, enhancing and restoring your natural beauty.

I believe, individuality should be celebrated.

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“Melissa Doft, feminine, modern, well-informed and sensitive to the needs of her patients, embodies the new generation of plastic surgeons.”
— Vogue Paris