Perhaps due to daily questions from my patients or my own aging skin, I find myself reading the labels of all the bottles which infiltrate my office and trying to understand how one formula could outperform another or which solution is best for me. There are so many formulas and each highlight a different key ingredient. When I peek at my overwhelming surgical schedule, think about helping my boys with their homework, and then dinner with my husband, I question when will I have time to apply the multitude of bottles sitting in front of me. I crave for a skincare routine which works in a New York minute… even better a New York second! But like most New Yorkers, I am not willing to compromise.

We all realize that aging is inevitable. I view my face as a battlefield and aging as the enemy. The Doft line was created as a strategy to combat these changes. I wanted a master plan that would attack aging from every angle, use the newest technologies, and capitalize on the most innovative ingredients at clinically significant concentrations. I created a superweapon, a complex formula that I could apply knowing that I was using the best of everything that we have. I needed to prepare myself for the worst. And let’s face it, I am not opposed to a little plastic surgery when the time comes, but could there be a formula that would enhance and maintain those results? The answer is Doft skincare which will make its debut next fall.


“Melissa Doft, feminine, modern, well-informed and sensitive to the needs of her patients, embodies the new generation of plastic surgeons.” — Vogue Paris

Treating the Mid-Face
Mid-drift, Mid-life, and now the Mid-face. Rejuvenating the mid-face or the cheek area with volumizing fillers signals a new revolution in the treatment of this area.